News September Book back in stock

Ireland September 2005 from most creative surfers in the world by Howard Swanwick

08/12/2007:// Finally back from the printers and in stock at Loose-Fit Surf Shop is the fabulous September book.

This has been a good couple of years in the making and is well worth the wait. This limited edition, beautifully bound book is a collection of wonderful photos, illustrations, writing and thoughts of the most creative surfers in the world.

It all took place in September 2005, with 30+ surfers, artists, photographers and philosophers spending a week together in Ireland.

Check the samples in the forum here

Editor Michael Fordham says,

The idea was simple. Let’s get together a collective of the most creative surfers in the world, rent a house in the wilds of the West of Ireland, go surfing and document events, reflections, waves and weirdness. Then let’s make a beautiful little book based on the trip. And let’s do it once a year, in a different place each time.

Paying dues to the past, but with a front foot placed firmly in the future, September reflects and evokes the full diverse beauty of the wave riding experience in word, photograph and graphic image. The first edition, published this autumn, documents a September surf sojourn by a crew of some of the most original and talented surf-oriented people from all over the world.

Surfers, artists, writers, photographers and illustrators including Dane Peterson, Tyler Hatzikian, Devon Howard, Jimy Newitt, Sam Bleakley, Easkey Britton, Sandow Birk, Jamie Brisick, Marcus Sanders, John Isaac, Alan Stokes, Tara Darby, Thor Jonsson, Spencer Murphy, Kieron Black, John Eldridge, Peter James Field, and many others have painted a picture of four weeks of the prime Irish surf season.