Are you a water sport enthusiast or someone who is just in love with surfing in general? Get your fill of the most intriguing surf stories from some of the best surf bloggers out there by bookmarking our list of favourites.

1. We Are Surfers

On this site you will be spoilt with relevant and real-time surf news and information. Whether it is surf or art related, you can expect high-quality surfing content on a regular basis.



2. SUP for the Soul

This blog focuses on river surfing. Topics covered includes how to river surf, river surfing events and everything related to this underrated sport. A must add if you’ve ever had an interest in the sport.



3. Surfer Dad

This dad found himself thinking about surfing the whole day, that he decided he’ll get his fill by creating this amazing blog. Expect fun and insightful posts and tips for surfers and surf-parents alike.



4. Suffragette the Journal

Blogger and surfer Martia saw an opportunity to boost the light in which female surfers are seen with her journal-like blog. Here you will find anything and everything related to surf culture and community.



5. Errant Surf

Here you’ll get some great tips on surfing, traveling and surf destinations as well as advice on essential surfing exercises. Keep an eye open for the Surf Fitness Workout of the Week post!



Keep your eyes open for additions to our list of resources as we keep it updated on a regular basis! We hope you’ve gone ahead and bookmarked these inspirational surf blogs. Enjoy!