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World’s most eco-friendly board

Tom Wegener’s unglassed Plankton board

Arriving in the UK from sunny Noosa Heads comes the latest model in Tom Wegener’s range, the Plankton board.

The concept surrounding Tom Wegener’s Plankton boards is very different from that of foam boards, it is unglassed. This could possibly make it the most eco-friendly surfboard ever to be developed, as it uses no cloth or resin whatsoever. The board is 96% wood, with the remaining 4% comprising of the glue and fin-box.

The wood used is sustainable and super fast growing Paulownia wood.

The board will need some care though. It should not be left to dry out too much. Like a cricket bat, it will have to be oiled with Linseed every few months to keep it conditioned, and a tablespoon of salt water should be put into the board every few surfs.

Contact Loose Fit for more information.

Below is a video short of Tom riding the new board.

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