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4 Holiday Surf Camps You Have to Check Out Right Now

Something that’s gaining traction nowadays is surf camps. Not only are they offered in exotic locations, but they offer you the unique opportunity to learn how to surf while traveling. Now, you may think that it is probably very pricy and only accessible to those who are rolling in money. Think again!

There are a couple of these camps that are on the pricier side, but in general you’ll be able to attend a 6-day surf camp with as little as £400. In this post we take a look at some of the best surf camps out there, their cost, and what you can expect from them. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Phuket, Thailand – Learn to Surf Camp

This surf camp is hosted by Skyla’s Surf & SUP, and runs for a total of 6 days. The camp is perfect for newbies and intermediate surfers who’d like to sharpen their skills. It includes five surfing lessons focusing on surfing and longboard surfing.

Your accommodation and meals will be included in the package that will cost you around £310. You’ll also get two complimentary Thai massages to keep those muscles supple. As far as location and value for money goes, you can’t get better than this!

2. Santa Teresa, Costa Rica –8 Days Surf Lessons

The perfect spot to learn how to surf, or to enjoy the company of other surfers, booking this camp won’t disappoint. The beautiful beaches of Santa Teresa have loads to offer everyone looking to learn new skills or how to surf. Whether you’re a pro, beginner or intermediate surfer, you’ll be able to benefit from this camp.

At a very low cost of £448 you’ll get six surfing lessons, tips and coaching, meals and accommodation and much more. Think of this camp as the ultimate opportunity to sharpen your skills and discover the magical beaches of Costa Rica.

3. Pelena, Sri Lanka – Yoga and Surf Camp

Imagine eight days of bliss with six surf lessons and six yoga sessions on a daily basis. Heaven! This camp is hosted by The Surfer Weligama in Pelena and includes all your meals and accommodation. It is however specifically aimed at advanced and intermediate surfers.

You’ll also have access to surfboards and have plenty of time available to dash around in a scooter and discover Sri Lanka. The package will cost you about £344 which is pretty reasonable considering all your basic expenses plus classes are covered.

4. Tibubeneng, Bali – Authentic Surf Camp

This camp is offered to surfers of all levels and is available year-round. The location alone is breath-taking, and allows you to get lessons at some of the hottest surf spots in Bali. The lessons include theory and video analysis and is hosted by hosted by Surf WG Bali.

Experienced surf instructors will take you on two surfing excursions daily, while you’ll also have time to explore the beautiful beaches during some free-time. At around £422 breakfast, surfboard rental and accommodation are included.

Are you ready to book your ticket and get lost in the surf? Which camp would you prefer going to? All of the ones we’ve discussed are perfect for all levels, so your options are wide open!

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