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The Good, The Bad, and Mike: an Overview of Hynson and His Signature Boards

Most of us know Mike Hynson as the surf rebel in the cult classic The Endless Summer. There is a love-hate relationship most surfers have with Hynson. He had gone rogue after the huge success of The Endless Summer and completely tried to undermine Bruce Brown. Mike Hynson remains one of surf’s icons, and rightly so.

Hynson was in the navy during the 40’s and 50’s after which he started absorbing the surfer way of life. He dwindled from one coastal town to the next, in search for the perfect wave, and ultimately the perfect surf.

For Hynson to skip being drafted, he joined Robert August and Bruce Brown to make what is known today as one of the most iconic surf films ever made.

Mike’s Highlights of the Film


Mike recalls the waves found in South Africa’s Cape St. Francis as being the memory that truly transcends the entire trip during the making of the film.

In the film, it is suggested that Brown noticed these perfect waves. Hynson, of course, recalls the events of that day to be entirely different. According to Mike, he was the one who first stumbled upon and surfed on those heavenly waves.

But there is something they could all agree with though; the spot and the surf was the ultimate find during the making of the film.

Time in the Slammer


After his great success with The Endless Summer, Mike had multiple brushes with the law. In 1994 he was convicted for possession of crystal meth. But, this didn’t stop one of the coolest guys to recover and regain control over his life.

It’s no secret that Hynson has experienced a whole lot of rolls and tumbles over the years. Partying with rock stars and doing drugs did him no good. Even after hitting celebrity status Hynson still managed to lose the plot. He was married briefly to Melinda Merryweather, and together they have a son. The marriage did not last and Hynson continued to party.

Success in his Golden Years


From his golden-boy status in the 60s and 70s, Hynson had a bit of a rough time. The world of surf’s golden child did however recover and now sells his gear. Hynson, now in his late 70s, is looking pretty well given his rough lifestyle. He’s dusted off the dirt and gotten back up.

One can easily say that Hynson’s boards are amongst some of the best out there. To most of us, surfing is a way of life, and Mike Hynson sure lived it well.

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