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Fiji Surfing 101: All You Need to Know About Surfing in Fiji

So, you’ve booked your ticket and you are amped to get to Fiji to test the waves. But are you prepared? Will you be able to find your way? In this article, we provide some practical tips for beginners, intermediates and skilled surfers for their first surfing trip to Fiji.

Everything about this destination is something to look forward to. Just think about those long stretches of white sandy, the gentle roar as the waves crash, palm trees and cocktails. Now, imagine going into the warm water, board in hand.

The Best Time to Visit Fiji

If you want to be sure you get the perfect swells of 8-10 feet, you’d better be there between April and October. If, however you don’t mind all that much, anytime is a great time to surf in Fiji!

All the Best Surf Spots

There are plenty of fantastic surfing spots in Fiji, but it all depends on your level of proficiency. Next, we’ll highlight the best surf spots according to difficulty.


There are three top spots for thenoobs out there to get your surf on:

  • Frigates
  • Natadola
  • Swimming pools

Think great swells in different shapes and sizes, reef peaks and groundswell. All these spots are perfect for beginners and you’ll have a ball of a time finding your feet. The best out of them all to try out for a first time is Natadola.

Natadola resort beach offers beginners the opportunity to body surf or get started and get a feel for the waves. The inside reef peak here is perfect for longboarding.


For those who are not quite pros yet, there are three great beaches:

  • Desperations
  • Namotu
  • Wilkes

Namotu is known as the best longboard wave in Fiji, but it can be fantastic for shortboards too. It’s also the perfect spot for surfers of all levels, especially when the swell is 3ft. But things become more fun when it reaches 8ft.

Another resort that’s perfect for all levels is Wilkes. Remember to keep an eye out for the reef and rips when you decide to give these deeper waters a test.


And last but not the least, the perfect spot for the pros out there is none other than:

  • Cloudbreak
  • Restaurants

Cloudbreak is specifically known as one of the best or most difficult waves in the world. Who wouldn’t want to give it a shot? Think along the lines of 20 feet swells and challenging conditions that attracts the best of the best in the world of championship surfing.

Restaurant might not be as popular as Cloudbreak, but if you are lucky enough you can get some pretty rad tubular waves.

Now that you’ve got all the details and all the hot spots, you should start looking at booking your ticket and getting over there!

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