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Top Seven Spots to Travel to for Surfing

Who doesn’t love traveling and discovering new beaches, waves and currents? There are a lot of those “must visit” surfing spots around the globe that you’ve already marked. But have you included some of ours?

In this post we share our list of the top seven surfing spots from all around the globe. Let’s dive in!

1. Costa Rica, Playa Grande

Did you know that Playa Grande is home to the nesting grounds of leatherback turtles? That’s the second largest to be exact. Playa Grande also happens to be the very best spot for surfing in the whole of Costa Rica.

2. Ireland, Bundoran

Perhaps not the warmest of waters, but surely one of the best spots for surfing. Bundoran has a rich surfing culture with loads to offer tourists and those looking for the perfect swell. You’ll be happy to know that accommodation is also very affordable.

3. Australia, Bondi Beach

In Sydney, you’ll find Bondi Beach. The most popular beach in the whole of Oz. Tourists visit it for the pearly white beach, while surfers come for the perfect surf. Entertainment also abounds if you’ve had your fill of the waves.

4. Morocco, Taghazout

Taghazout is a tiny fishing village that is located in the south of Morocco. What we love most about this destination is the peace. It offers great surfing experiences while crowds won’t trample you. The best time for skilled surfers to visit Taghazout is between April and September.

5. Fiji, Tavarua Island

About a mile off the island you will find Cloudbreak. Cloudbreak is known to be one of the most popular breaks in the world of surfing. You’ll only be able to get to it if you stay at the Tavarua surf resort and are towed in, depending on the size of the break.

6. France, Biarritz

Yes, Biarritz is a very popular resort town. But, it is also perfect for surfing as discovered by the locals who have been surfing there for years. If you ever visit France in the summer or spring, be sure to visit Biarritz for some great surfing experiences.

7. Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay

Maybe not a surf destination for the wild at heart, and perhaps a better option if you want to relax. This little village in Sri Lanka offers steady waves and great surfing opportunities during season. The best time of year to visit Arugam Bay is from May-November.

Does our list feature any of your ‘have to visit’ surf destinations? Whenever you get around to it, enjoy your time at any of the surf spots on our list.

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